The Unmoored God


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This short, profound reflection centers on the meaning of faith and the place of God in a time of “dislocation.” As Paul Crowley writes: “Dislocated humanity is met by a God who chooses a divine dislocation in the Incarnation, entering simply and intimate­ly into our own human condition and showing the way, through suffering, toward life. Believ­ing in this unmoored God would look like en­tering into solidarity with unmoored humanity, and journeying with those who suffer, just as God did in Jesus.”

For all who struggle with belief in God in a time lacking familiar props or sure signposts, Crowley offers answers from his own heartfelt reflec­tion and theological struggle.

Paul G. Crowley, SJ is Jesuit Community Profes­sor at Santa Clara University. He is editor-in-chief of Theological Studies and author of four books, including two edited for Orbis: Robert McAfee Brown and From Francis to Vatican II.

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The Unmoored God
Believing in a Time of Dislocation
Paul G. Crowley

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Jesuit Fr. Paul Crowley's latest book offers us another image, an unmoored God, one whose very self speaks to the social and existential dislocations of the modern believer. In a radical departure from the either/or of faith/disbelief, and with an equally dramatic reworking of the attributes of God, Crowley argues that a dislocated God not only speaks eloquently to the dislocated modern believer but also in significant ways is actually more faithful to the scriptural God. In dislocation, one might say, both the believer and God find their truer selves.
"Crowley's work is particularly important and necessary reading for anyone interested in the New Evangelization.... its themes should be incorporated into contemporary Christian discourse."
Paul Crowley brings deep theological insight, compassionate resonance with contemporary spiritual culture, and an engaging pastoral sensitivity to the search for a sometimes elusive God. This is an important exposition of the hiddenness of God that leads to a rich appreciation for the emptiness that allows God to enter even more fully into our lives. Those who struggle with their belief in this age of skepticism and confusion and those who try to minister to such skepticism and confusion will find Crowley’s volume a valuable guide in their search.
Paul Crowley has written a profound, contemplative meditation that articulates the bold theology needed for authentic living in these times of ‘dislocation.’ Drawing upon Scripture, Ignatian spirituality, the deep contours of contemporary God-questers, and the experience of ‘crucified peoples,’ Crowley develops a mystagogy of believing that will both speak to and challenge seekers, resisters, NONES—even world-weary classroom teachers and theologians! The Unmoored God is sure to become a classic.
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