The Singing Heart of the World

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"The diversity and beauty and complexity of living forms with which creation confronts us are, in Aquinas' god-language, the flowering of God's own self-expression. . . Understanding, appreciating this diversity, deepens our appreciation of the language God uses. . . This is the language that should shape the syntax of theology." —John Feehan

A spate of recent books has argued that atheism is the only belief consonant with a scientific worldview. According to John Feehan, this argument is not scientific enough; it fails to penetrate sufficiently into the true nature of reality, and thus falls short of the wonder that such deep encounter must inspire.

Beginning with a fascinating celebration of the scientific method (and such luminaries as Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, and Darwin), Feehan offers a breathtaking overview of the universe that science has unfolded for our contemplation. Whether on the macro scale of the cosmos, or the micro level of subatomic particles, the diversity of living creatures, or the mysteries of the human mind, Feehan evokes a sense of meaning and purpose that inspires us to new forms of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Ultimately, he argues, humanity can thrive only through the exercise of reason allied with virtue and grounded in faith in a God who is utterly greater than our imaginations.

John Feehan is a senior lecturer in environmental science at the School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine, University College, Dublin. He has published numerous scientific works on Ireland's environmental heritage, and is a frequent guest on national radio.

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The Singing Heart of the World
Creation, Evolution, and Faith
John Feehan

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