The Promise of Deliverance: Reading Second Isaiah

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“In this winsome and suggestive book Michael Casey moves quickly beyond the categories of historical criticism to offer us the theological-spiritual riches of the text. In eight gentle, accessible vignettes, Casey considers central themes of Isaiah that yield resources for the sustenance of life and faith.”--Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

The Promise of Deliverance brings lectio divina alive with a series of inspiring and thought provoking explorations of 2 Isaiah 40-55 key themes:  consolation, transcendence, servanthood, glory, sin, compassion, “awake!” and deliverance.

Rather than offer analytical conclusions the author instead guides the reader in becoming aware of these ever-emerging themes—how they are intertwined, how they build up a complex and reassuring message of hope, and how relevant they are today as they were originally.

Michael Casey, OCSO, has been a Cistercian monk of Tarrawarra Abbey, Australia, since 1960. After ordination he received a degree in Scripture at Leuven and completed his doctorate with Melbourne College of Divinity in 1980. Since then he has conducted formation programs, retreats, and workshops internationally. He is the author of numerous books, including Grace: On the Journey to God (Paraclete Press).

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