The Missionary and the Diviner

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Through a series of conversations, a Christian missionary and an African diviner challenge and compare one another’s views on fundamental theological questions: the meaning of God; family and community; sickness and healing; death and the afterlife; good and evil. Their discussions tellingly reveal both the vitality of traditional African religions and Christianity’s ethnocentrism when faced with certain basic issues in Africa. In a larger sense, The Missionary and the Diviner demonstrates how – and why – a cultural approach to evangelization is essential for the indigenization of Christianity.

Michael C. Kirwen, M.M., since 1963 has divided his time between doing pastoral work among the Luo people of Tanzania and research, teaching, and writing cross cultural theology in Tanzania and North America. 

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The Missionary and the Diviner
Contending Theologies of Christian and African Religions
Michael C. Kirwen, M.M