The Misfit

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"Illumines the graces hidden in dislocation and disorientation."--James & Evelyn Whitehead, authors, Transforming Our Painful Emotions

"[Lewis's] journey unveils the moments of blessing and being blessed that inevitably accompany us on our way."--Carolyn Gratton, author, The Art of Spiritual Guidance

Set against the tumultuous backdrop of contemporary China, Larry Lewis’s autobiographical The Misfit tells a moving story of how God breaks through the aridity of human hearts and how healing occurs in the midst of the everyday. Father Lewis, a Maryknoll missioner, was estranged from himself, his church, and his Maryknoll colleagues when he accepted an assignment to teach English to Chinese students in the interior Chinese city of Wuhan. It was a year before the now-infamous massacre at Tiananmen Square.

With the political turmoil of 19980s China always in the background, Lewis and his students discover eternal truths through the American literature they study, and the growing bonds of friendship they share. 

Larry Lewis, MM, holds a doctorate in spirituality from Duquesne University. He has served as rector of seminarians and as coordinator of the China Education and Formation program at Maryknoll. Fr. Lewis is in demand internationally as a speaker and spiritual director.

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The Misfit
Haunting the Human - Unveiling the Divine
Larry Lewis, MM