The Holy Web

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The Holy Web offers entrée to the world revealed by contemporary science and the difference of the new models of our life on earth make to understanding Christianity. The author shows how the church’s mission is to become and to nurture a dynamic “web of relationships” in which all humanity can find itself part of a wondrous whole. Wessels offers a profound reading of biblical categories. He shows convincingly that the New Universe Story made popular by  Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme is not only open to religious interpretation but that the biblical symbols of creation, redemption, sin, grace, life and death, God-Christ-Spirit, faith, hope and love reveal the meaning of the universe to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Cletus Wessels, O.P., was formerly a professor of theology and president of Aquinas Institute. A Dominican Friar, Wessels is currently engaged in a ministry of preaching retreats and parish renewals as well as teaching adult education in parishes.

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The Holy Web
Church and the New Universe Story
Cletus Wessels, O.P.