The Holy Spirit and an Evolving Church

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Exploring the role of the Holy Spirit in the evolutionary unfolding of the church throughout its history, distinguished theologian James Coriden skillfully articulates two principles: first, the Holy Spirit is the internal dynamic in the evolution of the church, the force that propels the Christian communities forward and in converging trajectories; and second, the reign of God, renamed here “God’s project for the world,” powerfully pulls the church’s evolution forward.

Coriden envisions changes, sometimes radical, in the church’s structure, teaching, ministry, and sacraments. Here is a book that will be part of a sea change that already marks “the Francis revolution."

Fr. James A. Coriden, canon lawyer and academic dean emeritus and professor at the Washington Theological Union, is a recipient of the Catholic Theology Society of America’s John Courtney Murray Award, the highest honor bestowed by the society on a theologian.

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The Holy Spirit and an Evolving Church
James A. Coriden

The Holy Spirit and an Evolving Church Table of Contents (978-1-62698-263-5_toc.pdf, 44 Kb) [Download]

The first section acts as a brief guide to the work of the Holy Spirit in scripture and the early church. Taking us from Genesis to Augustine of Hippo, Coriden creates a story of the Holy Spirit in the life of our created world and the church, an ever-moving dynamic presence, pervading, nurturing, disturbing, evolving.
Professor Coriden focuses on the enduring presence and existential activity of the Spirit, enlivening and sustaining all graced human endeavour, evolving towards the final fulfilment of the Kingdom of God. He outlines past revelations of the Holy Spirit, in a comprehensive survey of the relevant biblical texts from Genesis to Revelation. Next he untangles and assembles a compendium of the vast and complex insights about the Holy Spirit by Church theologians, over two millennia, to weave together with seamless artistry a rich and vivid tapestry of truth. In his ideal Future Church a synodal environment will welcome the invigorating participation and harmonious collaboration of all the People of God. To advance "God's project for the world" he calls for a revision of Church activities, e.g., the Sacraments, retaining their essence whilst addressing the changing needs and inviting opportunities of our times within the broad context of caring for the whole of creation, our common home. He combines a polished and elegant style with an engaging and succinct simplicity making his erudite and inspiring considerations available to the vast majority of the People of God, from professional theologians to people in the pews.
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