The Greatest Story Oversold

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"Free trade" has been touted as a way to make economies more efficient and productive, and a strategy that would also benefit small businesses and workers. Instead, as author Stan Duncan says, "Corporate and political powers have contorted and stacked the decks of the financial machinery that runs the earth in such a way that rewards the rich and extracts payments from the poor."

The Greatest Story Oversold helps general readers understand the various global economic forces at work today. In non-technical language Duncan explains the "rules" and general practices of transnational corporations and global lenders like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. He connects the dots between what happens "here" in the global north and what happens "there," addressing the impact of specific issues like the global banking crisis, third world debt, NAFTA, and immigration.

"The most engaging, cogent, illustrative, easy to understand yet very informed overview of the debt crisis Ive read."--Neal Watkins, Jubilee USA Network

"This book makes highly illuminating connections between the faith of Christians and the world of economic realities such as the debt crisis and globalization."--Thomas Massaro, S.J., Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Stan G. Duncan is an economist and a pastor with the United Church of Christ. He has served on national and local boards of organizations such as Jubilee USA, Bread for the World, and Habitat for Humanity, and is currently chair of the Jubilee Justice Task Force of the United Church of Christ. He lives in Braintree, MA.

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The Greatest Story Oversold
Understanding Economic Globalization
Stan G. Duncan