The Gospel According to Mary

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Imagine that archaeologists discovered a first-century gospel written by a woman. What would it remember, celebrate, hand on? What would it say about women, about Jesus, about discipleship and church?

"The Gospel According to Mary tells the very familiar story, parables, and teachings of Jesus, but through the imaginary eyes of a first-century woman. She using as her sources the female disciples, ‘women who had been transformed by Jesus."

Miriam Therese Winter, a Medical Mission Sister who has served on three continents, is Director of the Women’s Institute at Hartford Seminary, where she established a department of liturgy, worship, and spirituality. She is also a pioneer in contemporary sacred music; her first recording, Joy Is Like the Rain, went gold in the 1960s. Her award-winning books on biblical women, feminist ritual and spirituality, and quantum spirituality include eucharist with a small “e” and Paradoxology.

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The Gospel According to Mary
A New Testament for Women
Miriam Therese Winter