The Good Bishop

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The Good Bishop - Biography of Bishop Walter F. Sullivan

"Whether as a man of peace, a deliverer of mercy, or a taker of risks, Walter Sullivan kept faith both with the teachings of Christ and the demands of civic justice."—Colman McCarthy

"What would the church look like with more bishops like Walter Sullivan? The Good Bishop is a guidebook for a church that models Jesus love for for the poor and for all the people of God."—Martin Sheen

"There could be no better title for this book. Thats exactly who Walter Sullivan was: a good bishop. Not because he exercised juridical power in the church but because he showed us what the love of Christ looks like, feels like -- incarnate."—Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ

Walter F. Sullivan (1930-2013) served twenty-nine years as bishop of the Richmond, Virginia diocese. One of a generation of bishops appointed by Pope Paul VI, Sullivan became famous for his pastoral leadership, and in the 1980s he acquired a national reputation as one of the leading "peace bishops," standing up against the climate of cold war and warning against the global nuclear threat—not the most popular of positions. As Sullivan himself notes, "I am a loyal son of the church. It is my home, but I am not a company man."

Guiding his flock through the tumultuous post-Vatican II years, Bishop Sullivan brought a human touch to his role, crossing boundaries to foster a spirit of ecumenism, encouraging the gifts of the laity, and reaching out especially to prisoners and those on the margins. Yet, Sullivan also struggled as many of his brother bishops did in dealing straightforwardly with the clergy sexual abuse crisis.

In this biography by renowned author Phyllis Theroux, Bishop Sullivan emerges as a complex human being, one who has tried faithfully to lead the church with integrity, compassion, and love.

Phyllis Theroux is an essayist, columnist, teacher, and acclaimed author whose books include California and Other States of Grace (Morrow, 1980), The Book of Eulogies (Scribner, 1997) and The Journal Keeper (Grove Press, 2011). She lives in Ashland, Virginia.

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The Good Bishop
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