The Field Afar

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Narrated by Steve Allen and Ken Kashiwahara
Close-captioned, 15 parts, 22 minutes each, 330 minutes total

This 15-part series explores the richness, vibrancy and spirit alive in the world today as experienced by Maryknoll missioners: priests, brothers, sisters, and lay people. Through the work they do and the friendships they make with the peoples of the world, viewers can see the hand of God at work in lands both near and far.

Episodes (in alphabetical order)

  • Bangkok, Thailand: Brother John Beeching works with refugees from Burma, teaching Buddhist monks English.
  • Baguio, Philippines: Sister Ann Braduis and teacher Merc Dulawan call international attention to the threats of open pit mining.
  • Cambodia: Father John Barth helps the blind "see with their hands."
  • Darien, Panama: Sister Joji Fenix helps farmers preserve their fragile resources.
  • João Pessoa, Brazi: Sister Euphrasia Nyake draws on her Tanzanian heritage working with Afro-Brazilian women.
  • Kusatsu, Japan: Father Alfonso Kim's journey brings the Korean-born missioner to minister to Latin American migrants.
  • Lima, Peru: Father Pete Byrne directs St. Marys Home, rescuing more than 100 children from life on the streets.
  • Maryknoll: A Mission History: the story from 1911 until today.
  • Msange, Tanzania: Sister Darlene Jacobs founds a school for teenage girls.
  • Nairobi, Kenya: Lay missioner Charlotte Cooke works with Benta Aoko, a community health-care worker, in slums where HIV/AIDS is rampant.
  • Oaxaca, Mexico: Mags and Jim Petkiewicz, a couple with two young children, work with the local Child-to-Child health program.
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Lay missioner Patty Curran directs a center to rehabilitate victims of land mines that remain buried in the countryside decades after the end of the war.
  • Pilcuyo, Peru: Native Aymara peoples share their lives with lay missioners Maribeth Bathum and Steve Nathe.
  • Sayaxche, Guatemala:Brother Marty Shea accompanies Mayan refugees as they return to the lands they fled during the brutal civil war.
  • Sherpur, Bangladesh: Father Bob McCahill's Muslim neighbors call him Bob Bhai (Brother Bob) as he serves the poor and sick in Jesus' name.

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The Field Afar
Maryknoll World Productions
Narrated by Steve Allen and Ken Kashiwahara