The Earth Cries Out

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The Earth Cries Out describes best practices of faith communities responding to the impending climate and sustainability emergency, and presents the next steps for people of belief in the years following Laudato Si’.

This book is built around twelve sustainability challenges, ranging from energy and water consumption to land use and socially responsible investing, with each challenge introduced by the cutting-edge sustainability practices of a faith tradition, followed by discussion of the issue’s global importance. Far from a litany of sustainability woes, the book is inspired by a vision of communities of faith that are models of sustainable living. It argues that the alignment of spiritual values and sustainability practices and policies can rejuvenate a community and the practice of faith. The Earth Cries Out will inspire readers to commit to a creation of a sustainable civilization—the Great Work of our time, to borrow Thomas Berry’s memorable phrase.

Gary Gardner is a veteran analyst of global sustainability issues and solutions. He served for more than two decades as a researcher, including as Director of Research, at the Worldwatch Institute, where he authored reports on a range of sustainability challenges, including agricultural land loss, water scarcity, consumerism, biodiversity loss, and sustainable cities. He has spoken extensively at environmental and religious fora, including conferences sponsored by the Vatican. 

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The Earth Cries Out
How Faith Communities Meet the Challenges of Sustainability
Ecology & Justice Series
Gary Gardner

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