The Diary of Jesus Christ

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“The Jesus we see here is the mystic, the one who can spot wholeness in all our ruin and brokenness.”—From the Foreword by Greg Boyle

“A boldly unique attempt to understand Jesus Christ, the person whom more than two billion people claim as their messiah and savior . . . Novel, effective, inspired and inspiring, "The Diary of Jesus Christ" is very highly recommended reading for all members of the Christian community, including the clergy and seminary students.”--The Midwest Book Review

Some readers may be uncomfortable with a Jesus whose interior life is full of doubts and questions. This is not the triumphant King of Glory we may have pictured. But I wonder if it’s not a more scriptural understanding of Jesus, who, we’re told, was “gentle and humble in heart” (Matt. 11:29), who could “do nothing on his own” (John 5:19), and who showed us what it meant to “[empty] himself” (Phil. 2:7). In the Nicene Creed, we repeat that we believe Jesus was “true God” who became incarnate and “was made human.”In The Diary of Jesus Christ, Cain shows us what that might have looked like: a Jesus who is genuinely human as well as divine, an infinitely lovable Jesus who is “not done loving us yet”—because “heaven will not be complete” until each one of us is there with him.--—Ellyn Sanna, U.S.Catholic Magazine

An award-winning screenwriter and playwright provides a startling and beautiful work of religious imagination. Bill Cain’s The Diary of Jesus Christ is a first-person recounting of the life of Jesus, a new lens through which to see the familiar stories of the gospel—including the Passion.

The story begins with the healing of the leper, heralding the remarkable spirit that flows through the diary accounts—a spirit of discovery, surprise, learning, doubt, failure, and new life.

Bill Cain, SJ, is a Jesuit and an American playwright, whose work wrestles with the great themes of Catholic faith. He is a Peabody Award-winning screenwriter and the creator of the TV show Nothing Sacred, and lives with his Jesuit Community in Brooklyn, NY.

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The Diary of Jesus Christ
Bill Cain SJ
Foreword by Greg Boyle SJ

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