The Dharma of Jesus

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When Jesuit scholar George M. Soares-Prabhu died in a tragic accident in 1995, the greatness of his achievements had just begun to register internationally. It was said that he approached scripture “with the precision of a scientist, the hermeneutic sense of the artist, the questions of a philosopher, and the passion of a committed theologian. In addition he brought with him the pen of a poet and writer.”

Available for the first time outside of India, these selected writings explore four aspects of the nature of Jesus: Portraits of Jesus and His Community, The Praxis of Jesus, The Teaching of Jesus, and The Mission of Jesus.

George M. Soares-Prabhu, S.J. was professor of New Testament at Jana-Deepa Vidyaptheeth, the Pontifical Athanaeum, in Pune, India.

Francis Xavier D’Sa, S.J. is professor of systematic theology and Indian religions at Jana-Deepa Vidyapeeth in Pune.  

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The Dharma of Jesus
George M. Soares-Prabhu