The Compassion Connection

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“In a world where we are quick to define ‘otherness,’ Nerney shows us the road to ‘oneness.’ She helps us see ways that the invisible heart of God is being made more visible to the world.” —Daniel Groody, CSC, University of Notre Dame

Catherine T. Nerney, a Sister of St. Joseph, gently guides the reader on a narrative journey through and toward compas­sion for our fellow human beings, emphasizing our connectedness rather than our perceived differences. This small but powerful volume invites the local and universal Church to tear down walls of fear, certainty, and privilege, and to surrender to God’s compassionate heart as it beats in our broken world.

Intended as a connected series of reflective writings that impels action, this is a valuable resource for social activists, parish groups, and spiritual seekers looking for new ways to appre­ciate and deepen their faith.

Catherine T. Nerney, SSJ is associate professor of religious studies at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA. She has directed the col­lege’s Institute for Forgiveness and Reconcili­ation since its inception in 2009. The author of numerous books, she writes from years of academic teaching, workshops, and writings on the worlds of social reconciliation and in­terfaith dialogue.

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The Compassion Connection
Recovering Our Original Oneness
Catherine T. Nerney

The Compassion Connection Table of Contents (978-1-62698-285-7_toc.pdf, 179 Kb) [Download]

This remarkable book is both tender and tough. Catherine Nerney's reflections fall like rain on the earth, tears on one's face. And the reader feels stronger, surer, simple in thought and action. A gift for all who care about the world even as they experience its crushing realities.
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