The Bible and Literature

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"Gives students a splendid text to enhance their appreciation and understanding of both Biblical texts and contemporary, multicultural, literary texts. . . . This creative, scholarly work becomes a gift for undergraduate students to "receive the texts as word and [Sacred] Word."

--John Stanley Rich, University of South Carolina Aiken

Every reader of the Bible, from the most casual to the most scholarly or devotional, encounters a variety of literary genres: myth and allegory, dramatic and lyric poetry, parable and proverb. The Bible and Literature offers an interdisciplinary commentary that explains and gives examples of these genres, first with biblical selections, and then with works by masters of twentieth and twenty-first century literature. The authors then move their focus to themes of spiritual quest, romantic love, war and peace, and liberation.

A natural text for popular undergraduate courses in religion and literature, The Bible and Literature will also be useful for students and teachers of introductions to the Bible, religion and literature, and Catholic Studies courses.

Carol J. Dempsey, OP, teaches biblical studies and interdisciplinary courses at the University of Portland. Her books include The Prophets: A Liberation-Critical Reading and Jeremiah: Preacher of Grace, Poet of Truth.

Elizabeth Michael Boyle, OP, a member of the American Academy of Poets, is a retired professor of literature at Caldwell College in New Jersey. She is author of Preaching the Poetry of the Gospels and Science as Sacred Metaphor.

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The Bible and Literature
Theology in Dialogue 3
Elizabeth Michael Boyle
Carol J. Dempsey
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Each chapter concludes with questions for reflection or discussion and suggestions for topics for essays or journals, making the volume readily adaptable to a scripture-based English class or a literature-based religion class.
A remarkable book... Boyle and Dempsey take what is out there in time and space and bring it to us and the world we inhabit. The Bible, its inspiration to storytellers, and their mindsets are clearly, succinctly, and engagingly set forth.
Highly recommended.
A fascinating and rewarding study....a must-read for teachers of Bible and literature, a gift for all readers.
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