That They May Be One

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A comprehensive guide to Catholic social teaching on racism, tribalism, and xenophobia, including a wide-ranging collection of essential documents on these topics.

Part One, drawing on insights from philosophers, ethicists, and social thinkers from around the world, offers a creative synthesis of research and writing on the nature of race and racism, and its attendant, equally pernicious outliers, tribalism and xenophobia.

Part Two collects essential church documents, ranging from papal and conciliar teaching to documents authored by bishops and church bodies from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Oceania. Each document includes a succinct introduction and a guide for further study.

In the range and depth of documentation and analysis, this volume offers an essential Catholic resource for anyone grappling with these issues.

Dawn M. Nothwehr, a Franciscan sister and associate professor of ethics at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, is author of Mutuality: A Formal Norm for Christian Social Ethics and editor of Franciscan Theology of the Environment.

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That They May Be One
Catholic Social Teaching on Racism, Tribalism, and Xenophobia
Dawn M. Nothwehr