Spring 2018

Coming from Orbis Books, January through June, 2018: Pope Francis speaks to the youth of the world; Richard Rohr is this season's very Modern Spiritual Master; and renowned theologian Elizabeth Johnson with her most creative work yet. Don't miss any of these!
The Risk of Hope, How to Talk about God in the World Today, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, 144, softcover
From the Cardinal Archbishop of Manila, a message of joy and compassion recalling the church to a mission of mercy in a wounded world.
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Words to Live By, Sacred Sources for Interreligious Engagement, Or N. Rose, Homayra Ziad, Soren M. Hessler, Foreword by Francis X. Clooney, SJ, 160, softcover
Scholars from many religious traditions reflect on sacred texts that have transformed their work as interreligious bridge-builders.
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A Christology of Religions, Gerald O’Collins, SJ, Index, 192, softcover

Through the lens of Christology, a new approach to the theology of religions.

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Cultures and Religions in Dialogue, Opera Omnia, Volume VI, Part 1, Pluralism and Interculturality, Opera Omnia, Raimon Panikkar, Edited by Milena Carrara Pavan, Index, glossary, appendix, 320, hardcover
Part 1 of the sixth volume in the Opera Omnia of Raimon Panikkar, the complete authoritative collection of the renowned scholar of world religion.
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Religion and Faith in Africa, Confessions of an Animist, Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, SJ, Duffy Lectures in Global Community, Index, softcover
Examines the living interplay between African Religion, Christianity, and Islam and shows how the religious experience and spiritual imagination of Africa offer wisdom capable of renewing the global community of believers. 
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And God Created Wholeness, A Spirituality of Catholicity, Catholicity in an Evolving Universe , Edwin E. Olson, Foreword by Ilia Delio, Index, 256, softcover

New insights into the evolution of spiritual wholeness in creation through the lens of quantum biology.

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The Way of Kindness, Readings for a Graceful Life , Michael Leach, James T. Keane, Doris Goodnough, 224, softcover

Essays, fiction, poems, meditations, and inspired ideas from world-famous writers on the grace and rewards of being kind. 

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The Courage to Be Happy, The Pope Speaks to the Youth of the World, Pope Francis, Robert Ellsberg, Foreword by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, 208, softcover
Pope Francis shares wisdom and inspiration with those he calls the “hope and future” of the world.
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American Catholicism in the 21st Century, Crossroads, Crisis, or Renewal?, College Theology Society Series, Benjamin Peters , Nicholas Rademacher, 272, softcover
Prominent scholars from various disciplines seek to parse the future of American Catholicism.
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Cuéntame, Narrative in the Ecclesial Present, Natalia Imperatori-Lee, Index, 192, softcover
From the common Spanish phrase “cuéntame” (tell me a story) the author tells the story of the church, rooted in the experiences and lives of Latino/a Catholics in the United States.
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Choosing Peace, The Catholic Church Returns to Gospel Nonviolence, Marie Dennis, Index, 272, softcover
Leading Catholic peace scholars and activists show advance the conversation on the tradition and practice of nonviolence in a violent world.
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The Catholic Ethicist in the Local Church, Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church, Antonio Autiero , Laurenti Magesa, Index, 336, softcover
Leading scholars from around the world reflect on the role of Catholic ethicists in the context of their particular, local churches.
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