Spiritual Questions for the Twenty-First Century

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Taking stock of the present moment and the challenges of the future, a host of leading spiritual writers reflect on the most pressing spiritual questions. Whether the focuses on nurturing consciousness, building community, or transforming global structures, the answers provide a road map for personal, ecclesial, and social change.

Compiled in honor of Benedictine Sister Joan Chisttister, the volume concludes with a moving autobiographical reflection by Chittister herself, “The Power of Questions to Propel.”

Mary Hembrow Snyder is Professor Emerita of Catholic Theology and Religious Studies at Mercyhurst University.  She retired in 2020 after three decades of teaching and various administrative positions.  She is co-editor with Mary Lou Kownacki of Joan D. Chittister: Essential writings  and the editor of Spiritual Questions for the 21st Century: Essays in Honor of Joan D. Chittister.

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Spiritual Questions for the Twenty-First Century
Essays in Honor of Joan D. Chittister
Mary Hembrow Snyder