Spiritual Direction

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In a lively and personal style rich with sto­ries and personal reflection, Fr. Richard Malloy introduces readers to the art and practice of Spiritual Direction in the Jesuit tra­dition. Responding to the tone and texture of millennials’ questions and concerns, his book emphasizes spiritual direction as a relationship with God that leads to both personal and so­cial transformation.

Drawing on insights from a wide range of au­thors who write on prayer and the spiritual life, Fr. Malloy shows how the human desire for God unites with our aspirations for a world that reflects God’s peace and justice. He dis­cusses Ignatian tradition and practices, such as the examen and silent retreats, and shows how to integrate prayer and reflection into everyday life.

Useful for courses on spirituality and pastoral theology, Spiritual Direction: A Beginner’s Guide is enriching reading for those seeking spiritual growth as well as those already engaged in spir­itual direction.

Richard G. Malloy, SJ, is the university chaplain at the University of Scranton, working with Campus Ministry, the Center for Service and Social Justice, The Jesuit Center, Service Learning and the International Service Programs. He has also served as a professor and university chaplain at St. Joseph’s Univer­sity in Philadelphia. He is the author of A Faith That Frees and Being on Fire, both Catholic Press Association award winners from Orbis Books.

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Spiritual Direction
A Beginner's Guide
Richard G. Malloy, SJ

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Spiritual Direction is a suspension bridge, uniting Ignatian spirituality and this great longing within us all to find our way. This most helpful book is chock full of humor and humanity, a huge heart and a humble invitation into the spiritual life.
We finally have the freedom and the skill to tell people that they can trust their own inner experience because of the re-discovered gift of spiritual direction. This gives Christianity a strong opportunity for both depth and actual change of consciousness. Richard Malloy's book is a major contribution in this direction.
This exceedingly wise book, steeped in experience and filled with real-life examples, is destined to help many people understand the essential practice of spiritual direction. Father Malloy is known for his inviting, accessible, and often lighthearted style, and his new book will be a great blessing to all those who seek to deepen their relationships with God.
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