Spiritual and Religious

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"The most important scholar of religion in today's America." -- James Carroll

Noting that the commonly expressed dichotomy between spirituality and religion is often a false one, esteemed scholar Roger Haight argues that religion, church, and church structures all have their source and ground in spirituality. The broad range of topics explored in this collection of essays offers rich fruit to a seeking, questioning generation that is drawn to spirituality but not always to dogmatic religion.

Roger Haight, a Jesuit priest, is Scholar in Residence at Union Theological Seminary, New York City. A former president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, his many books include Jesus Symbol of God, Dynamics of Theology, Christian Spirituality for Seekers, and Spirituality Seeking Theology.

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Spiritual and Religious
Explorations for Seekers
Roger Haight
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This is a generous contemporary expounding of the Christian faith into a largely secular, but multi-faith world, where more and more people have lost their religion but still claim to be spiritual. Haight suggests that as we explore our spirituality in action, the treasures of the Christian faith will become attractive and empowering once again.
Recommended for academic, seminary, and parish libraries.
The sheer brilliance of Roger Haight cannot go unnoticed in this slim volume. Serious seekers and thoughtful persons of all religions or no religion will be challenged by Haight’s grasp of issues confronting those who claim to be “spiritual but not religious.” Indeed, he implicitly challenges believers to examine their own views on that which they say they believe. This collection of essays touches upon such foundational concepts as spirituality, church, religion, the uniqueness of Jesus, ecumenism, ecclesial authority—and all this in a scientific age. When one wonders how a thinking person can be or become a Christian, then one may find some answers and directions in this book.
Haight gracefully illustrates the interconnectedness of spirituality and religion, specifically addressing how those who identify as 'spiritual but not religious' can weave both together to enhance their lifestyle.
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