Reimagining the Moral Life

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“The array of essays in this moving, challenging, and above all celebratory volume capture the diverse fields to which Lisa Sowle Cahill has contributed her nuanced insights over the years, while their ecumenical orientation and social concern reflect the generosity of spirit that has animated Lisa's theology from the beginning.”--Linda Hogan, author, Keeping Faith with Human Rights

 “A most fitting tribute to Lisa Sowle Cahill, in many ways a pioneering and premier moral theologian, as well as an excellent presentation of contemporary moral theology.”--Charles E. Curran, author, Tradition and Church Reform

 “By delving deeply into Cahill’s theological method and hermeneutical principles, this anthology shows us a way to doing theological ethics responsibly in a global and polarized world.”--Agnes M. Brazal, author, A Theology of Southeast Asia

 “I am thrilled to see this exceedingly rich collection of essays by Cahill's students that considers her abundant, discipline-shaping contributions to our field.”--David P. Gushee, co-author, Moral Leadership for a Divided Age

 “Testifies brilliantly to the legacy of one of the finest minds in Christian theological ethics and a living embodiment of principled scholarship at the service of human flourishing.”--Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, SJ, author, Religion and Faith in Africa

 “This collection in honor of Lisa Sowle Cahill is a testament to her extraordinary range, depth, and generosity and highlights both her vision of a transformed ethics and her clear and practical wisdom.”--Susan A. Ross, author, Anthropology: Seeking Light and Beauty

This volume of original essays honors the work of Lisa Sowle Cahill on the occasion of 45 years of teaching Christian ethics at Boston College. In addition to contributions from almost all of the doctoral students she directed during her career, Reimagining the Moral Life provides an interpretive overview of Dr. Cahill’s specific contributions to Christian ethics and the impact her work has had.

Ki Joo Choi is professor of theological ethics and chair of the department of religion at Seton Hall University. He is author of Disciplined by Race: Theological Ethics and the Problem of Asian American Identity.

 Sarah M. Moses is associate professor of religion at the University of Mississippi. She is author of Ethics and the Elderly: The Challenge of Long-term Care.

Andrea Vicini, SJ, is professor of moral theology and Michael P. Walsh Professor of Bioethics at Boston College. He is co-editor of The Legacy of Vatican II and Just Sustainability: Technology, Ecology, and Resource Extraction.

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Reimagining the Moral Life
On Lisa Sowle Cahill’s Contributions to Christian Ethics
Ki Joo Choi
Sarah M. Moses
Andrea Vicini, SJ

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