Radical Spirituality

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From his position on the margins of the church as well as the margins of society, a Brooklyn minister offers a fresh approach to living the Gospel on the edges.

A unique blend of autobiography, scriptural exegesis, political critique, and religious manifesto, this book is aimed at Christians who seek a deeper, more authentic spirituality.  Storbakken, a minister and leader of interfaith intentional community, Radical Living, interprets the message of Jesus in the Bible to mean we are  each called to a more radical form of discipleship, and to be a counter-witness to our prevailing culture in our spirituality and way of life.  In addition to telling his own faith journey, Storbakken also offers a strong critique fo contemporary American culture and religious expression.

" . . . an engaging globe-spanning spiritual journey for seekers today."  --Publishers Weekly

"A spiritual seeker who spent time with the Hari Krishna movement before turning to the Hutterite tradition of his ancestors, Storbakken brings antioppression politics to his Christian faith.  This book weaves together the author's reflections on the life and works of Jesus and the early church with his own conversion narrative and decision to found the Radical Living intentional community in Brooklyn, New York."  --Library Journal

"A new world is emerging in the shell of the old one.  A new church is sprouting up from the compost of Christendom.  Jason Storbakken offers a vision for faithful living that is both ancient and new, and it is filled with the sweet aroma of the radical reformers of old.  Read it, and let it get under your skin . . . let this book stir you to be God's holy, maladjusted people in a world that has become all to adjusted to things like violence, inequality, and racism."  --Shane Claiborne, author, The Irresistible Revolution

"Jason Storbakken is one of the most fascinating characters I have ever met: untamed, wild, welcoming, curious and devout.  I respect his seeking nature and passionate commitment to making a life with others in the way of Jesus.  More than a book, Radical Spirituality is a window into the heart, mind, and life of one of the most courageous people I know.  It will expand your mind beyond conventional categories and awaken you to new possibilities for experiencing the divine and pursing radical love in our time."  --Mark Scandrette, author, Free, Practicing the Way of Jesus and Soul Graffiti

Jason Storbakken is co-founder with his wife Vonetta of Radical Living a Christian intentional community located in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.  He is a minister in the Menonite Church USA and chapel director at the Bowery Mission in New York City.

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Radical Spirituality
Repentance, Resistance, Revolution
Jason Storbakken
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Storbakken's take is that Christians should be considering a more radical form of discipleship: one that operates more effectively on the margins of society and belief, and one which links to a new world emerging from old Christian paths. The result is a powerful survey that will especially appeal to any Christian looking for a different purpose for enacting and living a religious life.
Radical Spirituality is a call to repentance...to leave behind the trappings of an imperial faith and embrace the subversive message of Jesus. For Jason, this isn't an intellectual exercise; every page pulses with a passion born from experience. If you want to move more deeply into the Jesus' vision of the kingdom of God, read this book.
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