Power from the Margins

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"As few others can do, Bishop Ricardo Ramírez captures the drama and significance of the emergence of Latinos in U.S. Catholicism and society over the past fifty years. This vivid memoir and theological/pastoral reflection covers a broad range of issues dear to the heart of ministers, educators, community leaders, and the wider community.. . . This timely testament provides wisdom for all those seeking to grasp where Latinos are today and where they  are going."--Allan Figueroa Deck, SJ

From his roots in Bay City, Texas, to his service as a priest and later bishop of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Ricardo Ramirez’s life has unfolded against the struggles, the hopes, and the vibrant faith of the Latino Church. In Power from the Margins he traces the historic struggle of the Latino Church to find its voice and outlines a road map for the future. His reflections range from the role of the family and the promise of youth, to education, civil rights, and the challenge of immigration. Probing the profound faith that lives in the Latino Catholic heart, he explores the role of popular piety, devotion to Mary, and “liturgy as fiesta.”

Concluding with reflections on the impact of Pope Francis, he echoes the Pope, calling on the whole church to come out of our comfort zones, to follow Jesus, and discover the power that lies at the margins.

Ricardo Ramírez, C.S.B., is Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Within the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops he sits on the International Policy Committee, the Committee on the Liturgy, the Committee on the Catholic Common Ground Initiative, and the Committee on Hispanic Affairs. He formerly chaired the Committee on the Church in Latin America and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

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Power from the Margins
The Emergence of the Latino in the Church and in Society
Bishop Ricardo Ramirez
Foreword by Cardinal Sean O'Malley
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I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the intersection between race, ethnicity, and religion among Latinos, in addition to pastors and leaders hoping to come alongside the Latino community in order to create a more equitable and just society for all.
Every bishop and every pastor aware of the Latino presence in their areas of responsibility should read this book. Indeed, in these times of uncertainty, every Catholic should read this book to be enlightened about these issues which go beyond the Latino community. The book should be in all Catholic libraries and on the shelves of every bishop and pastor in the United States.
A compact yet comprehensive pastoral primer on ministry among Latinos.... Bishop Ramirez’s goal is that his readers, Latinos and non-Latinos, come to a deep appreciation of the faith of Latino Catholics, to an understanding of these people’s present reality that even now for many remains at the margins of society and church, and to a realization of the needed responses to that reality.
This volume will be helpful to those beginning in or presently involved in ministry to Latino Catholics.
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