Pope Francis and the Theology of the People

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 “This is the best book I have seen so far on Francis: careful, balanced, and informative.”—Harvey Cox, Harvard Divinity School  

“It is always good to have in hand a book that helps us learn the origins of a body of thought, and which at the same time, impels us toward the transformation of the fu­ture of which we are real agents. I think Rafael Luciani’s book meets both of these conditions: we have here a contribution which helps clarify a theological and pastoral reflection that has grown up under the skies of Argentina, but which from the outset is open to the cultural newness furnished to us by our Latin America.” —Omar Cesar Albado, Catholic University of Argentina

Pope Francis has offered a bold challenge to an “economy that kills,” identifying in particu­lar a form of globalization that turns people into disposable consumers and increases the widening gap between the rich and poor. In do­ing so, he has drawn not only from the social teaching of the Latin American Church, but also in a particular way from a school of the­ology that arose in Argentina called “Theology of the People.” A type of liberation theology, it emphasizes respect for the culture and popular religious expressions of the poor.

Rafael Luciani is a lay theologian from Caracas, Venezuela and is currently a visiting professor at Boston College.

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Pope Francis and the Theology of the People
Rafael Luciani
Translated by Phillip Berryman

Pope Francis and the Theology of the People Table of Contents (978-1-62698-252-9_toc.pdf, 34 Kb) [Download]

This is a marvelous book and an important one.... Luciani explains what we intuit as we watch Pope Francis: that our wonderful Holy Father is unafraid of the radical call of Christian discipleship, that he correctly recognizes the ideological threats to such discipleship and proposes an alternative path forward for the faithful people of God. Buckle up, fellow Catholics: This pope is leading us forward by leading us back to that vigor which characterized the early Christians, and Rafael Luciani's book is a kind of theological GPS for the journey.
Quite simply the best available analysis of the theology that grounds the current papacy. Luciani’s book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the intellectual underpinnings of Pope Francis’ inspiring theological and pastoral vision. Drawing on his exhaustive knowledge of the Latin American theological landscape, Luciani explains Pope Francis’ theological roots with both clarity and nuance.
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