On Pilgrimage: The Sixties

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Through Dorothy Day’s monthly “On Pilgrimage” columns from The Catholic Worker, this volume offers a unique chronicle on the 1960s, a tumultuous decade marked by the Cuban Revolution, Vatican II, the struggle for Civil Rights, Vietnam protests, the rise of the United Farmworkers, and dramatic cultural change which reverberates even today. Journalist Day surveyed these developments from the vantage point of her life among the poor, her life-long struggle for peace and justice, and her daily efforts to seek God in her daily life. For those wondering what Day would be doing today, this volume—drawn from a decade that in many ways mirrors our own—provides an invaluable guide.

Dorothy Day (1897-1980) was the co-founder of The Catholic Worker, a movement and a newspaper promoting the radical message of the Gospel. With the Vatican’s acceptance of her cause for canonization she received the title Servant of God. Robert Ellsberg, publisher of Orbis Books, served as a managing editor of The Catholic Worker and had edited Day’s selected writings, diaries, and selected letters.

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On Pilgrimage
The Sixties
Dorothy Day
Robert Ellsberg, editor

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