On Naming the Present

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Arguably the most respected Catholic systematic theologian in the English-speaking world, David Tracy’s growing influence internationally and on persons of other Christian traditions and his ability to communicate with representatives of the secular academy stem from the unique quality of his voice. Still, Tracy’s views on Catholicism, the mission of the church, and how plurality of worldviews and hermeneutics affect the church mission are largely unknown.

Containing both new material and articles written for Concilium, the international journal of progressive Catholic theology, these essays reveal dimensions of Tracy’s thought on these topics foreshadowed in his books and philosophical theological reflections. 

David Tracy, professor of Christian theology at the Divinity School and member of the Committee on Social Thought of the University of Chicago, is author of many books including The Analogical Imagination and Blessed Rage for Order: The New Pluralism in Theology.

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On Naming the Present
Reflections on Catholicism, Hermeneutics, and Church
David Tracy