On Being Unfinished

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During more than a half-century of ser­vice to the Church and the academy, Anne E. Patrick was a leading feminist Catholic voice, revered both as a teacher and as a critical scholar of theology, ethics, literature, and the arts. Her scholarly publications broke new ground in a number of Catholic theological disciplines, including feminist ethics, liturgy, and contemporary expressions of religious life.

Gathered here for the first time is a selection of her essays, both published and unpublished, on these topics and more. Edited by Susan Perry, this volume is an essential resource for anyone seeking to understand post-Vatican II theological development in the Catholic Church in the United States.

Anne E. Patrick, SNJM (1941-2016) was the William H. Laird Professor of Religion and the Liberal Arts, emerita, at Carleton College. She was a former president of the Catholic Theo­logical Society of America, as well as the recipi­ent of its 2013 John Courtney Murray Award. An author of numerous books and essays on theological, ethical, and literary topics, she was a professed member of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

Susan Perry was an editor at Orbis Books for over two decades. She now resides in Philadel­phia, PA.

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On Being Unfinished
Collected Writings
Anne E. Patrick
Edited by Susan Perry
Foreword by Charles Curran

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The book is a treasure chest of still timely and relevant wisdom that every theologian will want for her library and students.
This reads like a playbook for renewing the Catholic Church--a renewal so long overdue and so desperately needed. Anne writes with humility and courage over and over again on a variety of topics. The title essay is a must read for anyone in academia. No need to rush through this rich tome of feminist, ethical wisdom because as the author says, we are all unfinished, and that is beautiful and good.
On Being Unfinished captures the many ways Anne Patrick introduced her egalitarian feminist paradigm, with its unique blend of creative self-expression and social responsibility . . . . Through Patrick’s own testimonies about the evolution of her theological vocation we encounter the anthem that sustained her: the moral theologian can also be an artist, the moral life is a creatively responsible life.
These essays by Anne Patrick – a determined, creative, and bold advocate for women and justice – provide fresh insights into her long and distinguished career. Even more, they reveal her brilliance and courage in her analyses of sexism, her challenges to institutional opposition, her mining of literature’s wisdom, and her insistence on the importance of conscience. Her voice continues to inspire and motivate.
Offers an insightful survey of the major themes of nearly fifty years of scholarship. These selections present Patrick’s finest insights into women’s equality in the church, the value of literature to the study of theology, the role of creative conscience, and the nature of religious life. Most importantly, this book celebrates the way in which she lived out her own commitment to the prophetic voice and it honors her enduring contributions to the life of the church.
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