Nourishing the Spirit

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2013 Catholic Press Association Book Awards: Pastoral Ministry (2nd Place)

The Whiteheads help us to understand and nurture the spiritual ideas that lead to feelings of well-being and lives of wholeness. Nourishing the Spirit is a companion volume to their widely influential and highly praised book on the negative emotions: Transforming Our Painful Emotions: A Spiritual Understanding of Anger, Shame, Grief, Fear and Loneliness.

"Full of liberating insights generously sprinkled with lively stories from wise companions of the modern soul."--Herbert Anderson, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Pastoral Theology, Catholic Theological Union

"When Carl Jung was asked how long the transformation of Christianity would take, he said, About six hundred years. The Whiteheads amazing new book will close the gap!"--Avis Clendenen, Saint Xavier University

"Another exceptionally lucid and practical resource from this skilled team of psychologist and pastoral theologian. They exhort readers to live life wide awake, and help them do just that."--Kathleen Dolphin, Saint Mary's College

James and Evelyn Whitehead have coauthored a dozen books that are still in print and have been translated into several languages, including Holy Eros: Pathways to a Passionate God and the prequel to this book, Transforming Our Painful Emotions. The Whiteheads live in South Bend, IN and lecture worldwide.

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Nourishing the Spirit
The Healing Emotions of Wonder, Joy, Compassion, and Hope
James D. Whitehead
Evelyn Eaton Whitehead