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In this, his most prophetic and personal book, Father Donald Cozzens calls attention to a vast "underground" church whose heart is beating for change and renewal. This church is "a pilgrim people who believe that the Holy Spirit is loose in the world and whose rumors of wisdom might be found in any of God’s people as well as in their ordained leaders."

As Cozzens writes, this is "a church that wants to be simply adult—a church not of children or adolescents hesitant to think and reflect on the lessons of human experience. . . . A church closer to the spirit of Yves Congar and Teilhard de Chardin, to Dorothy Day and Mother Teresa, a church in step with the spirit of the gospel."

Sure to be widely debated and discussed, Notes from the Underground is a cry of the heart from a priest who loves his church and has a radical vision, grounded in tradition, for opening its doors to healing grace—before it is too late.

Former rector of St. Mary's Seminary and Graduate School of Theology in the archdiocese of Cleveland, Ohio, Donald Cozzens is currently writer in residence at John Carroll University where he teaches in the religious studies department. Author of two award-winning books, Sacred Silence: Denial and the Crisis in the Church (Liturgical Press, 2001) and The Changing Face of the Priesthood (Liturgical Press, 2000) he has appeared on "Meet the Press" and has been interviewed on "Fresh Air," "All Things Considered," The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, BBC radio and television, and CNN.


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Notes from the Underground
The Spiritual Journal of a Secular Priest
Donald Cozzens
A New Epilogue by the Author
". . . the audience for these reflections includes all who have been baptized in the common priesthood of Jesus Christ and who still love the Church."
". . . a work to be treasured, pondered and prayed over. For any diocesan priest of the reader's acquaintance, it would make an excellent gift. For any Catholic who is concerned about the Church and its future, this book will show that that future depends on each one of us, priest, Religious, lay person, playing our part."
"This is indeed a pious book. It is intimate and scholarly. It is critical and candid. But most of all it is hopeful. Perhaps all who read it--and they should be many--will read it with an open heart."
"Books written by Father Donald Cozzens have become "must reads" for US priests."
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