Mystical Theology

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A Jesuit who lived and taught for more than 50 years in Japan shows how Christian theology today must dialogue with modern science and with Eastern religions. Mystical Theology provides a working model of such a dialogue, as Johnston engages Einstein’s theories as well as Zen Buddhism. It becomes clear how the “science of love” as mysticism is called, cannot be an esoteric discipline, for monks and nuns alone. In Johnston’s writing the mystical aspects of our faith become accessible to all modern people who grappling with the problems of our age.


Part I: The Christian Tradition

1. Backgound (I) 2. Background (II) 3. Reason vs Mysticism 4. Mysticism & Love 5. Eastern Christianity 6. Wisdom through Love

Part II: Dialogue

7. Science & Mystical Theology 8. Ascetism & Asia 9. Mysticism & Vital Energy 10. Wisdom & Emptiness

Part III: The Mystical Journey Today

11. Journey of Faith 12. Via Purgativa 13. The Dark Night 14. Being-in-Love 15. Bride & Bridegroom 16. Union 17. Wisdom 18. Action 19. Mysticism of Social Action

Appendix: The Heart Sutra

William Johnston, an Irish Jesuit, lived almost fify years in Japan and served as professor of religious studies and Director of the Institute of Oriental Religions of Sophia  University, Tokyo. His many book include Christian Zen, The Inner Eye of Love, Silent Music, Being in Love, Letters to Contemplatives, Arise, My Love and Mystical Journey.

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Mystical Theology
The Science of Love
William Johnston, S.J.