Morning Homilies III

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"Each morning since Pope Francis’s election, I have read his beautiful morning homilies, and their publication is something I've long been anticipating. These homilies--clear, brief, wise, often funny and always grounded in experience, are my favorite of all of the pope's talks and writings. It never fails to astonish how Pope Francis can find something new in these familiar Bible passages, and I hope that his surprising insights will lead you deeper into Scripture and help you encounter God in a new way. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”

—James Martin, SJ, author, Jesus: A Pilgrimage.

Each morning Pope Francis says Mass and offers a short homily for fellow residents and guests in the chapel of St. Martha’s Guesthouse, where he has chosen to live. Through these accounts of his morning homilies, drawn from March 2014 to June 2014, it is now possible, for those who were not present, to experience and enjoy his lively manner of speaking, and his capacity to engage his listeners and their daily lives with the joy of the gospel message.

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Morning Homilies III
Pope Francis
Translated by Dinah Livingstone
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Francis's homilies point to a different way of being Church. Reading and meditating upon them will open us to a different mindset and a way of being Church for the life of the world.
A wonderful little assortment of sermons.... Although Pope Francis is the supreme leader of the world’s one billion Catholics, the homilies in this book portray the simple words of a loving pastor addressing the needs and concerns of the small flock assembled with him at the morning Eucharistic liturgy....Recommended for personal reflection.
As in past volumes, [Pope Francis's] words are short and positive and filled with memorable images. The familiar themes of mercy and forgiveness, the role of Jesus the Savior, the danger of a church closed in on itself, and the gospel as a source of life and joy reverberate throughout. Jesuit Father James Martin, puts it succinctly: 'I cannot recommend this book highly enough.'
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