Monsenor Romero

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This collectively painted portrait of El Salvador s most beloved pastor, who took his place in history as a voice for the poor in the turbulent times leading up to El Salvador s civil war, and ultimately offered the sacrifice of his life. Anecdotes gathered in hundreds of hours of interviews with peasants, friends, theologians and pastoral associates compose the colorful pieces of this biographical mosaic. Together, they describe the archbishop in three dimensions--not as the legendary hero, or the distant saint and martyr, but as a human being with doubts and frailties who found the courage to listen to others, examine his beliefs, and step forward into a role that only he could play.

Here we may listen to the voices silenced in the past, and what they offer is a symphony of testimony to the life of one who struggled among us toward heaven and a new earth." —Carolyn Forché, poet/author, The Country Between Us

María López Vigil was born in Cuba and has worked in Nicaragua since 1981. She is the editor of Envio, a magazine of information and analysis about Central America, published by the Jesuit University of Central America in Managua.

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Monsenor Romero
Memories in Mosaic
María López Vigil
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The complex, inspiring, often fragile humanity of this prelate-turned-activist glistens through this stunning collection of primary source fragments, meticulously collected and edited.... an excellent resource for seminary or undergraduate courses on liberation theology, Latin American Studies, or even spirituality.
With renewed interest in Oscar Romero, the late, beloved archbishop of San Salvador with Pope Francis' reclamation of him from "the ash heap of history," many readers are desperate to learn about the life and times of the slain leader. What was he like? Why was he so detested by El Salvador's elites? Finally, might his abiding courage amidst a ghastly civil war be still relevant to those who would seek to follow Jesus today? For intimate, in-depth answers to such queries, Vigil's "Monsenor Romero" is must reading. Though often unsettling, the book reminds us real discipleship is both compelling and harrowing.
". . .A writer and journalist who has worked in Nicaragua since 1981, Vigil has created a portrait of the martyred leader composed of the anecdotal reminiscences of his friends, family, peasants, theologians, pastoral associates and others. . . The sum of reminiscences like this creates an engrossing profile. It fully limns the archbishop as a human being whose conscience compelled him to speak truth to power, despite his doubts and fears."
". . . tells a powerful story in an inspiring way. . . Housekeepers, secretaries, priests, friends, and many other named individuals tell their stories in their own words. This singular accomplishment reveals the author's depth of understanding of a man who dedicated his life to bringing honor to those seldom remembered."
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