Living with(out) Borders

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This collection of original essays deepens contemporary understandings of, and approaches to, urgent issues of immigration, globalization, refugee crises around the globe, and the ethical and moral challenges presented by these phenomena. Including some of the world's leading ethicists Living with(out) Borders t brings both intellectual and theological analysis to bear on issues often removed from the worlds of theology or sustained academic analysis.

Agnes M. Brazal is former President of the Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines (DaKaTeo), co-author of Intercultural Church: Bridge of Solidarity in the Migration Context, and co-editor of Faith on the Move: Toward a Theology of Migration in Asia. She is a professor at the St. Vincent School of Theology, Manila.

Maria T. Davila is Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics at Andover Newton Theological School, Massachusetts.

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Living with(out) Borders
Catholic Theological Ethics on the Migrations of Peoples
Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
Agnes M. Brazal
Maria Teresa Davila
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"Makes a distinctive contribution by bringing together such breadth of material in a single volume. It takes up topics ranging from numerous personal narratives, to Scriptural, theological, political, sociological, historical materials, to intriguing ans powerful images, to the more typical explanations of the prevalent systems that migrants must negotiate or circumvent. It also helpfully offers some proposals for how to practically rethink and revise these systems."
Timely and invaluable.
For its global outlook and because it crosses gender boundaries that routinely foster inequality and violence, the book will find a place in graduate seminars and seminary instruction, but it would make a fine gift to policy makers as well.
This book offers much-needed commentary on one of the largest crises in our world today.... It offers a broad array of topics and considers the specific experiences of many different groups. It also examines important theological themes such as solidarity, theological anthropology, political engagement, and human dignity. As our world continues to grapple with questions of migration, the insights provided here will no doubt continue to prove exceptionally useful.
A welcome addition to any academic or parish library. Additionally, it could also form a valuable resource for Catholic parish,school, college, or university committees seeking to educate their constituencies as they sponsor refugees or ease the transition of other migrants into their local communities. Combined with the more general insights this book offers about identity, belonging, and trauma, [the book] could further be upheld as a resource to inform community peace building. It also offers more macro-level insights that, when taken seriously, hold the potential to transform policy and law on migration and borders so as to better foster world peace.
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