Living Beyond War

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"This work will enable a new Earth Community to blossom forth, one as different from the 20th century Earth as a butterfly is from a cloud of hydrogen gas." --Brian Swimme, author, The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos

After thousands of years, the dream of a world without war may seem hopelessly unrealistic. But, as Winslow Myers shows in this concise, eloquent primer, what is truly unrealistic is the notion that war remains a reasonable solution to the conflicts on our planet. He begins by showing why war has become obsolete (though obviously not extinct): it doesn't solve the problems that supposedly justify it; its costs are unacceptably high in terms both economic and humanitarian; the destructiveness of modern weapons could lead to human extinction; and there are better alternatives. After elaborating on each of these ideas, Myers outlines a new way of thinking that will be necessary if we are to move beyond war, in particular, recognition of our "oneness" and global interdependence. Finally, he outlines practical alternatives and inspiring examples that anticipate the goal of a world "beyond war."

Winslow Myers is a distinguished artist and teacher who has worked for many years with Beyond War, an organization that explores and promotes the means for humanity to live without war. He lives in Boston.

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Living Beyond War
A Citizen's Guide
Winslow Myers