Liturgy + Power

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This collection offers a broad range of essays under three general areas: liturgical practice and ecclesial structures, liturgy in the relation of the church and the world, and the liturgy in relation to God and God’s power.

Drawn from the 2016 College Theology Society conference, it includes contributions from senior scholars such as Bruce Morrill, Susan Ross, and Ricky Manalo, among others, focusing on everything from liturgical aesthetics, mental health issues, ecclesiology, the intersection between race and religion, and the ethical dimensions of Christian worship.

Brian P. Flanagan is associate professor of theology at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. He is the author of articles on ecclesiology, ecumenism, and liturgy, and of the book Commu­nion, Diversity, and Salvation: The Contribution of Jean-Marie Tillard to Systematic Ecclesiology.

Johann M. Vento is professor of religious studies and the­ology at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, NJ. Her primary research interests are political theology and mercy; praxis theory and spiritual formation; violence, trauma, and healing; and inter-religious dialogue. 


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Liturgy + Power
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