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For over fifty years, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., a Baptist minister, activist, and organizer, has worked for civil rights, peace, and the promise of true democracy. From his years in the Civil Rights movement, his work as founder of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, and as an international ambassador for human rights, he has left an indelible impression on the history of our time.

These speeches and sermons, delivered both to the downtrodden and the powerful, from Senegal and Bangkok to Chicago include the famous speeches he delivered at the Democratic Party conventions of 1984 and 1988 following his historic campaigns for the presidential nomination.

In a moving epilogue, Rev. Jackson reflects, “After all these years, what remains for me, is God is a source of mystery and wonder. Scripture holds up. The righteous are not forsaken. We’ve come a long way since slavery time. But we’re not finished yet. Running for freedom is a long distance race.” 

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., is Founder and President of Rainbow PUSH Coalition. A noted champion of human rights, he was a Democratic presidential candidate in 1984 and 1988, and served as shadow U.S. Senator for the District of Columbia from 1991 to 1997. He lives in Chicago.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim, who was born in Seoul, Korea is associate professor of theology at Earlham School of Religion. She has written or co-authored nineteen books, including Intersectional Theology: An Introductory Guide and Healing Our Broken Humanity.

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Keeping Hope Alive
Sermons and Speeches of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
Edited by Grace Ji-Sun Kim
hardcover with dust jacket
Rev. Jackson’s oratorical style, his theological prowess, and his powerful presence rooted in Black Folks Religion have deeply moved me over the decades. This collection of his sermons will move you as well, to keep hope alive.
With the searing insight of a prophetic seer, Rev. Jackson speaks truth to power while arming the powerless with liberating truth. These messages and speeches will remind marginalized ‘nobodies’ that they are ‘somebody’ and inspire all of us to ‘Keep Hope Alive!
Rev. Jesse Jackson’s name invokes the ongoing struggle for justice and advocacy for civil rights, and this collection of his sermons and speeches is representation of a black gospel message, from a global figure, that is firmly grounded in an interpretation of the way of Jesus as the way of Justice.
In this book we have a summary of what embodied spirituality and activist political theology for peace, civil rights, social, and economic justice for all peoples looks like.
This is a remarkable collection of the profound insights and life-altering oratory of one of the most remarkable figures in American history.
Rev. Jackson is one of the world’s most consequential public theologians and his oratory merits ongoing study and discussion. At a time of international unrest, we would be well served by revisiting his prescriptions for repairing our fragmented world and forging ahead together to build a global beloved community.
Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.—my friend, ‘the Rev’—has spoken out across the decades, across the generations, across all the barriers to justice and healing that we erect. We have not always listened. Listen now!
This collection further cements Reverend Jackson’s enduring role as one of the nation’s most prophetic preachers and visionaries. His tireless advocacy continues to inspire a generation, myself included, who have tried to implement his lessons into my own social justice ministry.
I’ve been with Jesse since he was 18. Now he’s 78 and his writing and his preaching have only continued to get deeper and better. His words have inspired countless thousands. It makes me happy to see this collection of speeches and sermons by my friend and brother.
"Great preaching can offer a religious practice too."
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