Jesus Today

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In his bestselling Jesus Before Christianity, Albert Nolan outlined the political context of Jesus's mission. Now, in this long-awaited sequel, the focus is on Jesus's spirituality and its relevance for us now, today. Beginning with the signs of the times (the hunger for spirituality, the crisis of individualism, ecological breakdown, the global divide between rich and poor, and a new understanding of our expanding universe), Nolan proceeds to describe the elements of Jesus's way of healing and "radical freedom" that combines prophecy and mysticism. Applying that spirituality to our daily lives, Nolan shows how these lessons might promote a greater communion with God, with ourselves, with other human beings, and with the universe.

Albert Nolan, a Dominican priest from South Africa, played a significant role in the church struggle against apartheid. His first book, Jesus Before Christianity, has sold 150,000 copies in three editions.

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Jesus Today
A Spirituality of Radical Freedom
Albert Nolan
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