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Gathered here together for the first time are selections from the writings of James Martin, S.J., the nation's most well-known Catholic priest and spiritual writer. Sources include his numerous best-selling books, his articles for America, and his essays from sources as diverse as the Huffington Post and Portland Magazine. This famous Jesuit offers reflections and insights on everything from prayer to depression to sexuality to finding one's individual path to holiness; along the way he introduces the reader to saints and sages ranging from Thomas Merton to Mother Teresa to his wise nephew Charles.

James Martin, SJ is a Jesuit priest, editor-at-large of America, and bestselling author of numerous books, including Jesus: A Pilgrimage and The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything. He has written for many publications, including the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and is a regular commentator in the national and international media, as well as having served as the "official chaplain to The Colbert Report."

James T. Keane is an editor at Orbis Books and a columnist for America magazine.

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James Martin
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Brilliant.... Perhaps the most significant takeaway of this edited volume for those on all ends of the political and religious spectrum is that James Martin's writing stems from a profound love for God and God's people.
For readers who are unfamiliar with Martin’s work, this book is an excellent place to begin. For those of us who have followed his career for many years, it is a pleasant return to some of his best work.... Recommended for high school, college, and parish libraries.
A valuable addition even to libraries like mine that already include numerous titles of Martin's.... This is a wonderful introduction to Martin that showcases the continuing relevance of Jesuit spirituality for our time.
"This book is a treasure trove. It has all the depth and simplicity, the clarity and compassion, that we have come to expect from James Martin's wonderful writing."
“Readers not yet acquainted with James Martin’s work will find an excellent introduction to it in James Keane’s expert culling of the Jesuit priest’s Essential Writings. And those who have read Martin elsewhere will enjoy a fruitful reminder of his friendliness, intellect, wit, and practical, accessible spirituality. An excellent collection!”
"The best spiritual writer of our time, James Martin is also a chronicler for the ages. Whether he's writing about his own spiritual crises or the cross, or answering the hard questions many Catholics ask about issues as thorny as the Church's sexual abuse crisis, he is never less than fierce and fresh. A crucial book for believers and non-believers, searchers and the lapsed. Bravo!"
These selections—funny, engaging, heartfelt, and deeply insightful—show Jim Martin at his very best. Like his own spiritual master, Thomas Merton, Fr. Martin allows his readers not only to enter into the thought-world of Catholicism, but also to feel its texture. Religious seekers of all stripes and persuasions will find something in these pages to savor.”
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