Introducing Contemporary Theologies

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Part I provides a brilliant synthesis of the nature of theology, its relation to philosophy, a comparison of past and present approaches, and the nature of theological method. Part II introduces the work of leading theologians of the late 20th century: Karl Rahner, Hans Kung, Leonardo Boff, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Dorothee Soelle, Rosemary Ruether, Elizabeth Johnson, and John Meyendorff. Clear, non-technical language makes this the ideal doorway to understanding theology today.

 Neil Ormerod has been a seminary lecturer in systematic theology, theology editor of National Outlook (Australia) and author of Grace and Disgrace: A Theology of Self Esteem, Society and History. He has served as Dean of Studies at the Centre for Christian Spirituality and is currently Lecturer in Theology at the Catholic Institute of Sydney. He and his wife Thea have four children.

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Introducing Contemporary Theologies
The What and Who of Theology Today
Neil Ormerod

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