HIV and AIDS in Africa

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This comprehensive look by African scholars at the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa features contributions from noted scholars from across the continent, offering analysis from theological, sociological, ecclesiological, and public health perspectives. It is a valuable resource for social analysis and theological reflection from an African perspective, something badly needed for theologians and academics alike. Several prominent American theologians are also contributors, including Lisa Sowle Cahill and James Keenan.

Jacquineau Azetsop is associate professor in the School of Social Sciences of the Gregorian University in Rome. His teaching and research focus on issues of health policy, public health ethics, social dimensions of health, health systems, and the inclusion of the destitute poor.

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HIV and AIDS in Africa
Christian Reflection, Public Health, Social Transformation
Jacquineau Azetsop
Foreword by M. Shawn Copeland
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I would recommend this book, first and foremost to African leaders and policy makers and to everyone infected or affected by HIV and AIDS; to pastors, people in formation and everyone who works with or cares for the sick. This book will be of great benefit to scholars and researchers in the area of HIV and AIDS and theology.
An important and unique work that should be in every college, university, and seminary library, regardless of religious affiliation.... Highly recommended. Even larger parish libraries could benefit from this work.
Comprehensive, interdisciplinary, rich, and mind-jostling, this book is a beacon of hope as well as a wake-up call that challenges individuals and institutions within and outside Africa concerning HIV and AIDS on the continent.
A thoroughgoing theological engagement of HIV and AIDS in Africa has been long overdue. This collection of essays is a must-have and a must-read by every scholar, priest, social worker, pastoral agent, and anyone seeking to understand Africa's journey of pain and hope, and the faith that sustains that journey.
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