History of Vatican II Volume 5

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"A splendid tapestry . . . . A monumental work."--James Hennesey, S.J., in Theological Studies

The final volume of the definitive history of the Second Vatican Council takes the reader through the approval of texts such as the "Constitution on Divine Revelation," the ""Decree on Religious Liberty," the "Decree on the Church's Missionary Activity," and the "Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World."


I. Toward the Fourth Period

II. Finishing the Work Begun: The Trying Experience of the Fourth Period

III. Completing the Conciliar Agenda

IV. The Church under the Word of God

V. The Final Weeks of the Council

VI. The Council as an Event in the Ecumenical Movement

VII. The Conclusion of the Council and the Initial Reception

VIII. Transition to a New Age

Excursus: The Sources for the Second Vatican Council

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Giuseppe Alberigo (1926-2007) taught church history and served as director of the Institute for Religious Studies in Bologna, Italy.

Joseph A. Komonchak holds the John C. and Gertrude P. Hubbard Chair in Religious Studies at The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. He is renowned for his work in ecclesiology, twentieth century theology, and the history and theology of Vatican II.

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History of Vatican II Volume 5
The Council and the Transition: The Fourth Session and the End of the Council, 1965
Giuseppe Alberigo, General Editor
Joseph A. Komonchak
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