God In Unexpected Places

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Half a million people read MARYKNOLL magazine each month, and their favorite section is the photo meditation by editor and publisher Fr. Joseph Veneroso. This beautiful collection brings forth some of his best, each of them revealing the connections we all share as children of God “who live and move and have our being in God.”

God in Unexpected Places is a perfect companion for prayer and reflection as well as a wonderful resource for teaching and sharing.

Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M. is the publisher of Maryknoll, the internationally heralded magazine that has enriched millions of readers since its first publication in 1907. Fr. Joe lives at Maryknoll in Ossining, New York, and serves a Korean community in New York City. His other books include Honoring the Void and Mirrors of Grace.

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God In Unexpected Places
Reflections on Faith and Life from MARYKNOLL Magazine
Joseph R. Veneroso