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A modern spiritual master offers a simple guide to the ancient practice of Christian meditation.

"John Main is deeply traditional and his Christian faith very personal . . . . Yet he juxtaposes unexpected elements alongside this declaration of faith: an emphasis on experience, a demanding call to see mediation as a spiritual discipline, and asceticism for the twenty-first century." --Lawrence Freeman

Fully Alive is a previously unpublished book by John Main, a Benedictine monk who was one of the twentieth century's most influential spiritual teachers.  Main, who died in 1982, helped popularize the practice of contemplative prayer--a tradition that had been lost since the era of Desert Fathers.  During his lifetime, hundreds of groups gathered at his monastery ot learn mediation from him.

Fully Alive is drawn from these talks, delivered to help people enter the experience of silence.  John Main's teaching is striking for the depth and richness of its simplicity.  The lessons gathered here offer a practical prayer companion for every stage of the contemplative pilgrimage.

Editor Laurence Freeman, OSB, is the founder and spiritual guide of the World Community for Christian Meditation.  He has edited many of Main's works, including John Main: Essential Writings (Orbis 2002).

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Fully Alive
The Daily Path of Christian Meditation
John Main
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This collection, full of brilliant insights about the human condition as well as descriptive of the science of contemplative practice, has as its prime value the weight of John Main's words -- always containing an invitation to return to silence, the practice of which is an open door to the real ground of our everyday lives.
Most useful for people who regularly practice meditation. It is best read over a period, one talk at a sitting.... appropriate for parishes that have meditation groups or as a supplement for academic libraries with existing collections on the history and theological context of Christian meditation.
This slim volume would work beautifully in a retreat, workshop, or series about Christian meditation . . . Scripture and other quotes provide access points for explorations of meditation. Along with the core text, references for further study and question–and-answer sections work to dispel myths and misconceptions about this seemingly esoteric form of prayer. Main asserts that meditation is not a trend, but stems from a rich tradition. Meditation is not about rising above, but about going within; it is not about living in a bubble, but instead roots one firmly in reality. Christian meditation is not divisive, but encourages the unity of all creation.
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