Fifteen Steps Out of Darkness

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"To say it was inspiring is inadquate. It touched my soul like little else has done . . . I won't forget those individuals portrayed in your book. They touched your lives and are continuing to touch the lives of others . . . "--from a letter to co-author Scott Rose

A book to inspire, encourage, and reassure, Fifteen Steps out of Darkness offers personal stories and profound meditations on the Stations of the Cross inspired by the more than 350 million people suffering from depression and other mental illnesses, and for those who love and care for them as well as to raise awareness to the extraordinary challenges they face. The stories are accompanied by 18 full-color illustrations of original sculptures by Homer Yost that portray Jesus’ journey to the cross and his resurrection from the dead.

The authors and artist constitute a dynamic team of experts who, together, cover all angles of living with mental illness: as caretakers, as parents and family members, ad advocates, and as persons battling mood disorders themselves. The unique blend of their experience provides a rare gift to the reader.

Scott Rose is CEO and General Counsel of Way Station, Inc., a non-profit community mental health organization that serves adults and children in four Maryland counties.

Fred Wenner, a retired pastor in the United Church of Christ, parented 55 foster children, many of whom had emotional challenges and some of whom were served by Way Station.

Al Rose, formerly a university professor, is a permanent deacon of the Roman Catholic Church and served as a volunteer at a program affiliated with Way Station. 

Homer Yost is a professional sculptor who has done many sculpture commissions for churches. He has bi-polar illness and received services from Way Station in the past.

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Fifteen Steps Out of Darkness
The Way of the Cross for People on the Journey of Mental Illness
Scott Rose
Fred Wenner
Al Rose
Introduction by Therese Borchard
Artwork by Homer Yost