Feminist Catholic Theological Ethics

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New vistas and voices are emerging in feminist thought that trace new directions and seek to rephrase the central questions of feminist discourse.  Characteristic of this growth is the re-location of issues from the global North to include voices from the global South.  This volume highlights the changing face and color of feminist theological discourse, recognizes innovative research in the field, and facilitates a global conversation among feminists engaged in theological ethics in the world church.

"When on account of certain structures, attitudes, or customs, the humanity of woman is degraded anywhere in the world and for any reason at all, humanity as a whole is diminished.  This is the ethical message - awareness of which is indispensable for all time - that this book underlines and desires to implement." --Laurenti Magesa, Hekima College, Nairobi

"This volume is an astonishing contribution to Christian and Catholic theological ethics.  The essays are elegant, insightful, and moving, The feminist perspectives they portray are varied in terms of issues addressed, methods used, and genuine diversity of voices from across the world.  The book will be of immense value for courses in theology and ethics world-wide, but also more generally for educated readers in multiple contexts.  I predict that it will generate profound insight and enthusiasm for expanding the horizons of our theologies, and deepening our efforts at "faith seeking understanding."--Margaret A. Farley, Gilbert L. Stark Professor Emerita of Christian Ethics, Yale University Divinity School

Linda F. Hogan is a professor of Ecumenics at the Irish School of Ecumenics in Dublin and a fellow of Trinity College Dublin.  Among her recent publications is the award-winning Applied Ethics in a World Church (Orbis, 2008).

Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, SJ is a Jesuit priest who lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya. He is the author of Theology Brewed in an African Pot (Orbis 2008) and editor of The Church We Want: African Catholics Look to Vatican III (Orbis 2016).

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Feminist Catholic Theological Ethics
Conversations in the World Church
Linda Hogan
A.E. Orobator, S.J.
An excellent resource for courses in moral theology which often do not include the voices of women and their experience.
The essays reveal both the power of this moment, and the grim reality of the immense hurdles that still lie ahead. It is the seamless blend of hard realism and hope-filled optimism that makes this collection important and urgent.
A stellar group of female and male writers in feminist moral theology have contributed to a group of essays of a calibre probably only possible from within the Roman Catholic Church, not least because of the continued vitality of at least some of its religious orders.
An exciting addition to the available literature on feminist theological ethics in its diverse manifestations. It is an excellent resource. I highly recommend it for those seeking to understand the intersection between feminism on the one hand and religion and ethics on the other. I also commend it to those who wish to map the implications of that intersection for human flourishing, including but not limited to that of women and children.
Recommended for university and seminary libraries.
A fascinating compendium of theological discourse from across the globe that addresses both traditional and progressive women’s issues. For those who desire to expand their minds and hearts in order to better identify and remedy the needs of 21st century women, this book is critical. Despite the profound and diverse voices gathered in this text, it is highly readable and engaging.
Expressly avoiding gender reductionism, this volume is a conversation that highlights diverse feminist theological contributions that address globalized, universal concerns through local, contextualized perspectives.... This excellent resource is of clear interest to ethicists, ecclesiologists, and feminist scholars and is suitable for use in graduate and advanced undergraduate classrooms.
Faculty who try to be attentive to global voices in constructing syllabi in Christian ethics would find in this text a rich resource for undergraduate or graduate teaching.... Every Catholic seminary library across the world should have this book on its shelves.
How these essays manage to offer such consistent and cumulative results in spite of the diversity of situations and approaches is remarkable. Perhaps it is a testimony to the fact, which should no longer be disputed, that feminism is less about so-called 'women's issues' but fundamentally about the one humanity that all human beings share.
... an astonishing contribution to Christian and Catholic theological ethics. The book will generate profound insight and enthusiasm for expanding the horizons of our theologies, and deepening our efforts at 'faith seeking understanding'.
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