Evangelization in China

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Covering both the history of Christianity in China and the complicated current situation for missioners and evangelization efforts, this book offers a nuanced Chinese Christian perspective on a complex and often misunderstood subject.

"Between my first trip to China in 1980 and my last in 2003, I have known many ups and downs in the relationship between Catholicism and the government in Beijing.  In recent decades, the universal Catholic Church and the Catholic Church in China have discovered more than ever the profound unity that binds them.  The tenacity of recent popes to explore and develop ways of dialogue is unambiguous, and implies an atmosphere of trust beyond reciprocal misunderstandings.  Yan powerfully shows the reasons for dialogue with Chinese culture and Chinese authorities relaunched by Pope Francis." --Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, author of Towards The Christians in China

"An excellent introduction to the promise and perils of the Catholic Church in China today.  Yan is especially helpful in explaining the history of discontent between underground and registered Catholics, and the history of the Catholic Patriotic Association.  Throughout, Yan offers an optimistic vision of how the Church might yet prosper in this proud and ancient civilization." --James and Evelyn Whitehead, Loyola University Chicago

Kin Sheung Chiaretto Yan lives in Shanghai.  He holds a doctorate in Missiology from Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and a Master's degree in Oriental Religions and Cultures from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.  His primary areas of research are interdisciplinary approaches to the religions and cultures of Asia.

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Evangelization in China
Challenges and Prospects
Kin Sheung Chiaretto Yan
Foreword by Fr. Joseph Shih, S.J.
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Yan’s book is a helpful contribution to the growing number of works that help us understand the emerging and vital Christian church in China. His experience as an active lay member in the Chinese Catholic Church for the last twenty years and his academic degrees in Missiology and Oriental Religions and Cultures give the book a depth of understanding of the Chinese perspective that is rare.... Yan’s book helps us better understand what is happening there and why it matters for the church and for the world.
Although this book is aimed primarily at Catholic leaders, it teaches important principles that are relevant especially to situations in which church growth has stalled because the form that Christianity has taken is seen as too foreign or threatening for a government or its people to entertain.
Here is not only an up-to-date volume, but also one written in winsome and readable fashion by a scholar who does not hide behind academic jargon. While there are important differences between an evangelical understanding of the term "evangelization" and a Roman Catholic one, there is also in this book a great deal of value that transcends our doctrinal differences.
Evangelization in China fills a wide gap in the available literature about the church in contemporary China. It promises especially to serve as a counterweight to the often unbalanced and out-of-context reporting in the Western media-- both secular and religious-- on religion in China. In doing so, however, it explicitly addresses the very real difficulties and conflicts between the Catholic Church as an institutional player in the sociopolitical arena-- both local and international-- and state authorities in the People's Republic of China.
Certainly a welcome addition to the current discussion on how Chinese Catholics can move into the future with confidence.
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