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"Imagine a spirituality rooted in doing what Jesus did," writes the author, "one that adds a sacramental dimension to our everyday lives."

Miriam Therese Winter opens our eyes to a new way of following Christ. eucharist with a small ""e"", like the sacrament itself, was modeled by Jesus and manifests what Jesus is about. It empowers us to continue what Jesus began, to identify with those who are hungry and thirsty, are sick or in prison, and to fill their needs on the spot where were standing because, in truth, we are all one.

Miriam Therese Winter, a Medical Mission Sister who has served on three continents, is Director of the Women’s Institute at Hartford Seminary, where she established a department of liturgy, worship, and spirituality. She is also a pioneer in contemporary sacred music; her first recording, Joy Is Like the Rain, went gold in the 1960s. Her award-winning books on biblical women, feminist ritual and spirituality, and quantum spirituality include The Gospel According to Mary and Paradoxology.

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eucharist with a small e
Miriam Therese Winter