Essential Catholic Social Thought

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Designed for the college classroom, this text presents the principles of Catho­lic social thought, describes their his­torical development, and includes abridged ex­cerpts of all relevant documents. Each chapter also includes study-discussion questions and reflections from the Catholic tradition.

Ideal for a one-semester textbook or for use in a survey course, this new edition includes ma­terials from the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

Bernard V. Brady is professor of moral theol­ogy and chair of the theology department at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN. He is the author of several books: Christian Love, Be Good and Do Good (Orbis Books), and The Moral Bond of Community (Georgetown).

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Essential Catholic Social Thought
Second Edition
Bernard V. Brady

Essential Catholic Social Thought (978-1-62698-244-4_toc.pdf, 487 Kb) [Download]

Gives readers a comprehensive view of Catholic social thought in times of urgent need for discernment on social issues old and new, particularly with its inclusion of Pope Francis’ "Evangelii Gaudium" and "Laudato Si’.
An invaluable introduction to the Catholic social tradition, coupling updated extracts from encyclicals and other primary texts with lucid historical and theological analysis. His engaging, thematic treatment spans the development of the Catholic social tradition, its moral methodology, and its implications for social living in today’s complex world.
This book is essential reading for informing anyone sitting in classroom seats or church pews about how Catholic social thought applies to timely issues, and for inviting and inspiring them to act accordingly.
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