Ecclesiology and Exclusion

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"A great strength of this collection of essays lies in the willingness of the authors to tackle the thorny ecclesiological problem of exclusion from multiple perspectives, often shedding fresh light on a longstanding ecclesial issue." —Richard R. Gaillardetz, from the Foreword

As the title implies, Ecclesiology and Excluision addresses the many forms of exclusion in churches around the world, primariily the Roman Catholic church. Topics include the exclusion of marginal people, exclusion and racial justice, exclusion and gender, exclusion and sacramental practices, and exclusion and ecumenical reality.

Contributors: Dennis M. Doyle, Paul Lakeland, Mark D. Chapman, Gerard Mannion, Giovanni Pernigotto, Debora Spini, Mark Ensalaco, Gioacchino Campese, David L. Johns, Pascal Daniel bazzell, Leslie H. Picca, A.E. Orobator, Bryan N. Massingale, David D. Daniels, III, Miriam Haar, Sandra Mazzolini, Vladimir Latinovic, Phyllis Zagano, Stefanie Knauss, Massimo Faggioli, Neil Ormerod, Bradford Hinze, Maryh McClinktock Fulkerson, Barry Harvey, Susan K. Wood, C. Pierson Shaw, Jr., Stephen Annan, Peter De Mey, E.A.J.G. Van der Borght, Vincent J. Miller

Dennis B. Doyle is a professor of ecclesiology and theology at the University of Dayton and the author of Communion Ecclesiology (2000) and The Church Emerging from Vatican II (Twenty-Third, 2002).

Pascal D. Bazzell is a professor of intercultural theology and coordinator of the Mission Department at Koinonia Theological Seminary, Davao City, Philippines.

Timothy J. Furry teaches in the departments of philosophy and religious studies at the University of Dayton.

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Ecclesiology and Exclusion
Boundaries of Being and Belonging in Postmodern Times
Dennis M. Doyle
Timothy J. Furry
Pascal D. Bazzell